"Gemini" Art Print


This print is for all of the May/June babies out there. It features the "twins" holding the symbol of Gemini between them. They are standing amongst all of the birth flowers for this sign: lilac, azaleas and lavender. I gave the background a floaty, swirly design as Gemini's element is Air, and the colour yellow is closely associated with this zodiac sign also.

♥ Professionally printed on matte art paper with archival ink, so your art print will stay bright and bring magic to your walls for many years to come!

♥ These prints are easy to display - you can simply pin them to your wall, or put them in a frame (these sizes are easy to find in most stores).art

♥ Please the photos of the framed prints are examples - the frame is not included.

♥ Comes shipped in a heavy duty packaging, so that it arrives in perfect condition.

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